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Loc Fest embraces meditation practices as a natural and self-guided solution to the challenges that life throws at us. In times of most need, meditation can be the solution to refocus the mind, gain, peace and have confidence to address the issues with greater clarity.


Many within the Loc’d community actively adopt the choice of living a healthier lifestyle by opting for a more natural way of living. One common practice that can be used to improve ones overall health is adopting the practice of mediation in every day life. Meditation is nature’s gift to us all. A connection to your mind, body, and spirit means that we recognize that our well-being does not solely come from our physical health, but from our mental and spiritual health as well.


Some benefits of meditation are:

  • Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations

  • Gaining inner peace

  • Building skills to manage stress and anxiety

  • Increasing self-awareness

  • Focusing on the present

  • Strengthening your penal gland; activating your Third Eye

  • Reducing negative emotions and toxicity

  • Increasing imagination and creativity

  • Increasing patience and tolerance

  • Increasing efficient oxygen intake


By employing meditation practices on a daily or weekly basis, you can effectively transform your life without the aid of artificial and addictive substances or medication. The beauty of meditation is that you can find creative ways to do it and can tap into different resources to support and strengthen your practice. YouTube and other platforms offer guided mediations that you can listen to to get centered. Also, if you have friends or family that have similar interests, you can complete meditation sessions together either in-person or via video chatting platforms like Zoom.  





Loc Fest aims to acknowledge the specific challenges of the Loc'd community and value resources to strengthen mental health care for all . The Loc’d community should have the right to embrace the looks of their natural Locs, without judgment or defamation. No one should be discriminated in any setting based on their hair and appearance. Many people with locs deal with workplace discrimination as a result of their choice to wear their hair Loc’d or natural; this can take a toll on their focus in all aspects of life.


It is important that you maintain your mental health in whichever ways that are most comfortable for you. You can employ some of these solutions to addressing your mental health needs.


  • Daily journaling

  • Speak to others around you that you trust

  • Get spiritual guidance from a teacher/practitioner you trust

  • Sign up for therapy sessions

  • Take frequent breaks when you feel overwhelmed

  • Get outside, take a walk and get fresh air to clear your mind

  • Take social media breaks to re-center your mind (social media can often allow others to think for us)





People of color have a unique challenge navigating a world that is dominated by a self-serving majority that is concerned with their own needs. Years of discrimination, oppression and systematic abuses have impacted the lives of those deemed “inferior” causing prolonged suffering and trauma. In the United States alone the compiled years of enslavement, pillaging of inhabited lands, prison industrial complex, Jim Crow laws, the Civil Rights Movement, redlining, War or Drugs and numerous examples of police brutality have created traumatic experiences and oppression directed at minority groups.


Despite these ordeals, these compiled historic experiences all inform the lives, dreams and goals of individuals that identify with them. The seemingly easy route would be to simply ignore the past, and remain detached from those events, but doing so does not erase the reality of the connection and the importance of holding that knowledge close. Embracing your cultural background, allows you to build confidence in yourself and your dreams. Much of where we are today is due to the groundwork laid by our ancestors and important historical figures.


When it becomes difficult to manage the stress of everyday life, due to existing challenges and moral ills in society, it is important to remind yourself of who you are and where you came from. This often requires self-healing and intentional actions to address trauma and pain from historic and recent wounds. The path to self-healing is personal and unique to everyone. Here are some self-healing tips to get you started on your journey.


  • Remind yourself of the historic past and take stock of where you are today

  • Journal all of the traumatic experiences you’ve encountered and how it made you feel

  • Give yourself time to feel the weight of the emotions, but set a date/time limit for when you can no longer dwell in negativity

  • Write your success story in full detail

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